True Hurricane Stories

1938 hurricane

Here are some real hurricane stories that actually happend.

In 1502, Christopher Columbus was in Santo Domingo when he saw the signs of a violent hurricane storm approaching. He warned the governor of the city but the governor did not heed his words and made no attempts to stop a fleet of ships from going out to sea. Most of the fleet ended up being destroyed by the hurricane. It killed over 500 men with untold treasures being sunk into the bottom of the sea.

In 1893, a hurricane made a direct hit on New York City. Hog Island which was located off the Southern Coast of the Rockaways, was wiped out. This is believed to be the only reported incident in history where a hurricane removed an entire island.

Before the great Galveston Hurricane hit Galveston in September 1900, it was the second largest port in the Gulf next to New Orleans and at the time was considered much more important than places like Houston and Dallas. When the city was destroyed by the hurricane, it never recovered its former prominence.

Hurricane Camille from 1969 was the strongest hurricane to hit the United States in modern meteorological times. It was a category 5 hurricane that was strong enough to stay at category 5 when it hit land and had set many records with sustained winds that were estimated to be at 190 mph during landfall and a reported storm surge of 28 feet. Its lowest central pressure was at 909mb when it came onshore. Hurricane Camille completely destroyed everything that was in its path for the first half mile inland.