How To Survive a Hurricane

Expect to stay bunkered down from a couple of hours to 12 hours during a large slowing moving hurricane. Here are some tips on hurricane survival.

When Winds reach 40 MPH, follow these instructions:

NEVER use candles or have any open flame while the wind is blowing.

Stay away from unprotected windows. Don't give into temptation to see what's happening through it.

If power blinks off and on, turn off all of the circuit breakers except the one that powers a lamp in an internal part of your house.

Put any food you're going to want to eat during a storm in coolers.

If you rely on an elevator to get to your safe spot, you need to go there now. You do not want to be stuck in the elevator if the power goes out.

Call your emergency contact to let them know where you are and how you are doing.