Amazing Hurricane Facts You Might Not Know About

hurricane facts

Hurricanes are the most destructive natural weather occurrences on Earth. Here you will find many interesting hurricane facts that you might not know about with additional resources such as hurricane pictures and hurricane links. Feel free to use any of these hurricane facts for research and schoolwork.

Fast Hurricane Facts

  • Hurricanes have male and female names, but at one point only female names were used.
  • Most hurricanes rage harmlessly in the sea.
  • Australians call hurricanes, willy-willies.
  • The New England Hurricane of 1938 is reported to have the fastest forward speed for a hurricane at 70 mph. The forward speed for an average hurricane is less than 20 mph.
  • Hurricane season in the Atlantic Ocean runs from June 1 to November 30.

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Hurricane FAQ

What is a Hurricane?

A hurricane is a powerful storm system with a large low pressure center that produces intense winds and heavy rainfall.

How Do Hurricanes Form?

Hurricanes form over a large mass of warm ocean water during the warmer months. Air from surrounding areas with higher air pressure pushes in to the low pressure area. Then that “new” air becomes warm and moist and rises, too. As the warm air continues to rise, the surrounding air swirls in to take its place. As the warmed, moist air rises and cools off, the water in the air forms clouds. The whole system of clouds and wind spins and grows, fed by the ocean’s heat and water evaporating from the surface.

How Much Destruction Can a Hurricane Cause?

Hurricanes can cause billions of dollars worth of property damage ever year to man-made fixtures as well as to natural surroundings such as trees and shrubbery. These storms can also change an area's landscape; resulting in hills, roads and trails to wash away.

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